MERRIWA AFA Bowling Club

19, Hughie Edwards Drive, Merriwa 6030
Phone: 9400 3643
E-mail: info@merriwabowls.com.au

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7: Legacy Day (see story below) (12 30pm-1pm)
14: Annual general meeting (2pm)

BEST of the BEST

LINDSAY MARSH won his seventh singles title and Marilyn Bradbury her third on Sunday, both in emphatic style to underline their status as the best players in the club. Lindsay has demonstrated that for 18 years while Marilyn is currently head and shoulders the best woman player in the club. Go to the respective sections for details of Sunday's finals.
THE club is holding a social competition on Saturday, April 7, to raise funds for Legacy, the charity that helps children of people who have died in service of their country. The Australian charity has helped 90,000 children since its inception in 1923. All proceeds from the day, including green fees, will be donated to the charity, which is in partnership with Bowls WA. 

Club opts out of Saturday play-offs

A HIGHLY successful pennant season will come to an anti-climatic end with the selectors withdrawing Merriwa’s SATURDAY sides from the end-of-season play-offs.
This was as a result of Bowls WA’s decision to have the play-offs in the lower divisions completed on Saturday March 24.
The move was taken by the selectors – Ian Edgar, Steve Appleton and Brian Barron – after a show of hands on Saturday indicated that a significant number of players would not want to play 42 ends… should the situation arise.
With one round of matches to go, all three sides – Division Three (Gold), Four (Gold) and Five (Gold) – are in play-off places.
The feeling from the selectors and that of president Alan Arter was that the better option was to forfeit now rather than midway through the matches.

THURSDAY play-offs:

one still in, one out, for details go to 'Thursday News' or click here.

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  Our Club membership enjoys:

  Pennant bowling for the serious men and women players

  Plenty of competitive social bowling

  Excellent coaching for newcomers to the sport

  Regular social activities in superb clubhouse facilities

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